Saturday, September 5, 2015


Hi there. I'm Mr. Lass, and welcome to my blog.

I'll begin by saying that I'm not a crossdresser, nor am I transgendered. I'm just a straight "average guy", happy as I am, who nonetheless likes to secretly fantasize about this stuff now and again, because I think the fantasy version of men being changed into beautiful women (or a man and a woman having their sexes magically reversed, both becoming idealized versions of the opposite sex) is totally hot. I won't lie, however... even though I'm comfortable in my own male gender, if fairy tale magic actually existed in the real world, and I came into possession of Aladdin's lamp or something, I'd seriously consider trying a down-to-my-DNA transformation into a petite, pretty, sexy young lady, if it was painless, reversible, and was rapid enough that I could see and feel the changes happen to me, over the course of a few minutes. I'd probably go so far as to have a fling with some guy. Even with some of the downsides or trade-offs to being female, I think it would be (at least, on a temporary basis) like the ultimate theme park ride for an adult newbie to the gender.

I particularly enjoy the "process" aspects of magical gender transformation, which I fetishize, especially the physical shrinking and growth involved. I also like the changing dynamics, in scenarios where the former man becomes physically smaller, weaker and mentally submissive, suddenly at the mercy of other men and women (or women who've become men) who want to dominate him in one way or another. I prefer to have my (male) subjects either be transformed unwittingly, forced against their will, or, if they are voluntarily changed, ultimately finding that they've gotten more than they bargained for, and are in over their heads. So, if that rings your bell, too, you've come to the right place.

While I'm not what I would consider a professional writer, and have no real aspirations toward that end, I can put words together reasonably well, and I'm pretty adept at descriptive prose. This blog is a good outlet for getting some of my fantasies out there in concrete form, which is both cathartic and a fun creative exercise. A few items that I'll probably post are things I've originally written elsewhere, on a message board or two, but it will be good to have them all here, under one roof.

Please remember that the material posted here is all in the realm of frivolous fantasy, as the title of the blog clearly states. What goes on in these little stories and vignettes does not necessarily reflect my actual view of men and women in general, how they should act or be treated, and what their roles should be in real life. These are twisted, often dark (but ultimately harmless) little excursions into make-believe, peopled by stereotypes, intended entirely for private jollies, nothing more, and are generally presented tongue-in-cheek. Though I certainly don't go out of my way to deliberately offend anyone, I also don't subscribe to identity politics, nor political correctness, so if anything here rubs you the wrong way, dear reader, my advice is just to move along, and seek the multitude of other venues out there that are less likely to trigger you.

I can't promise anything more than sporadic updates, because most of my time is taken up with other things, but hopefully what I do post, once in awhile, will be worth the effort to read.

Ever have one of those days?


  1. Goos use of pic. AA major soggestion frm me if you really want people to view your work make it easier to see. The pale blue may be cute & artistic but its damn hard to read. I suggest black letter

  2. Good idea... I didn't realize the blue was as pale as it clearly is, and I do value contrast. I'll fix it when I get home from work tonight. Thanks much for the constructive input.