Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Miss-placed Property

Dialogue from the balloons--

The Girl:

"Oh, Dammit! I've LOST the MAGIC RING!"

"--All I wanted was to find out what it FELT like to be FEMALE and SEXY!"

"Just a stupid, idle wish, while watching PORN..."

"I mean... I bet MILLIONS of other straight guys have privately thought the SAME thing, while in SIMILAR situations, right? Sure!"

"How was I supposed to know that pawn shop ring had MYSTICAL POWERS??"

"Okay, so, fine... it SHRINKS me down and MORPHS me into this totally smoking-hot little BABE..."

"Oh my gawd... I STILL can't believe this GIRLY VOICE is coming out of me!"

"But *ALL* I wanted was just to VAMP in front of the MIRROR for a little while, in private, play with my TITTIES, and maybe FINGER myself, just to satisfy my CURIOSITY... That's *IT*!"

"It just HAS to be around here somewhere..."

"I HAVE to find it and try to change back before my ROOMMATE gets home..."

The Guy:

"Well, well... WHAT do we have HERE? Is THAT really YOU, Kevin?"

"--HAS to be! YOU'RE the ONLY "guy" I know who TALKS TO HIMSELF that much!"

"Damn... you are so amazingly HOT!"

"So... you want to FIND OUT what it FEELS like to be FEMALE and SEXY, eh?"

"I think I can HELP YOU OUT there, "Princess"..."

The Girl:

"Oh fuck..."

The Guy:

"--And you're CURRENTLY in the PERFECT POSITION for it, heh-heh!"

"Meanwhile I'll KEEP this RING I just found on the floor... I don't think YOU'LL be needing it now, SWEETHEART..."

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