Sunday, September 13, 2015

Membership Has Its Privileges...

 Frank knew that trying to run and hide from The Family wasn’t an option... not when you were in the hole as much as he was, so he was going to have to face the music. It was a great deal of money, and there was just no avoiding it. This hard truth rang through his brain like the solemn toll of a bell, as he stumbled, nakedly, out of the tube-like chamber, and stood before mob lieutenant, Vinnie “The Thrust” Calpano, accompanied by a few of his well-dressed goons, who stood silently in the background.

 By this point, Frank had already lost several pounds, as well as nearly all of his body hair, in the few brief moments he’d spent in the tube. This was seconds after he was engulfed in a sudden, blinding flash of energy and accompanying sting of a million pin-pricks, which passed as soon as they hit. Now he was losing height, rapidly, as his legs and torso steadily shrank down to more petite proportions. Four inches... five... six inches lost... and then a couple more. Vinnie smirked, his eyes following Frank’s descent;  this man of average height, maybe 5' 10, whom Frank guessed he could probably take in a fair fight, back when he himself was 6' 1, now towered imposingly over his transmogrifying guest.

 The mobster's smirk widened into a full grin, and Frank broke eye contact with Vinnie,  looking down to see his own, once-familiar frame now resembling the body of a skinny, 14-year-old boy, except... softer. Much softer... and still changing. Dainty, girlish hands, nearly as slender as his delicate wrists, matching his equally tiny feet... hips flaring outward... his pelvis both growing wider and tilting closer to a 45-degree angle, causing his ass to stick out in an unmistakably feminine manner. His shoulders pulled inward, narrowing, as his waist did likewise, though even more so... giving him the hourglass shape that is so prized by women and lusted-after by men the world over. A wide assortment of familiar moles, scars and blemishes were clearly missing, replaced by a creamy landscape of fair, milky-white skin.

 Any lingering muscle tone was soon gone, steadily replaced by selective deposits of smooth fat, which filled out his thighs, buttocks, and the shallow, developing pooch of a belly, into a burgeoning womanly shape. And an especially attractive one it was, as the obvious bulge in Vinnie’s pants confirmed. Frank’s nipples mirrored Vinnie’s erection, pushing outward, enlarging into twin cones of pink flesh, rising atop a swell of breast-growth that soon expanded beyond his ability to cover with his small hands. The feather-light tickle of lengthening hair brushed softly against his forehead, as bangs formed, followed by lengthening tresses that fell down past his ears, to his fragile shoulders, eventually caressing his upper back like a brunette curtain.

 While he couldn’t see it, Frank knew radical things were happening to his face. His hands could feel silky-smooth skin... soft cheeks... higher cheekbones... a more delicate chin and jawline without even the faintest trace of its normal beard-stubble roughness. No question that his entire nose -his nostrils, bridge, etc- were smaller, less prominent, refined... and his lips were puffier, fuller. He could sense that they pouted without his intending them to. He also noticed a very subtle change to his eyelashes; they were longer. They felt like little Chinese fans, batting at the air whenever he blinked. Even his teeth felt different, as he ran his tongue across them; smaller, completely even, with no sign of his old dental work.

 Despite this onslaught of emasculating shame, vulnerability and terror --or perhaps, because of it-- Frank couldn’t help but become aroused, himself. The added humiliation of getting a hard-on, while standing, nude, in front of another man... a man who held all the power in the room, while Frank resembled nothing less than some Bangkok lady-boy, was soon replaced by the inevitable. His fully-erect penis began to shrink and regress, in an accelerated reverse-puberty. Clutching his reducing dick, in vain, it slipped out of his grasp, eventually becoming too tiny and stubby to hold with anything more than his thumb and forefinger. He could hear some snickers coming from members of Vinnie's brutish entourage.

 Though it was still drastically reducing, the sensitivity of his tiny cock grew more and more intense as it became ever smaller, and it remained hard. It soon retreated inside its clitoral hood, itself withdrawing inside the parted lips of his tight new pussy, hidden below the small, fatty hump building at his crotch, that was now his mound of Venus. The canal of his vagina opened within him, which was a bracing experience, leading his wayward, diminished testicles to journey deep inside his womb, to their new home... changing inexorably into their female counterparts, pumping out eggs  and hormones, as though they had been there all along.

 The queasy sensation of Frank’s reproductive system altering, so drastically, finally subsided... leaving him, indisputably, a very attractive and sexy young woman. Still basically himself on a mental level, but overcome with newly-amplified feelings of helplessness and vulnerability... and an overwhelming sense of submissiveness at his core. He was now small and weak in a world full of men who would usually be bigger than him... and always stronger. He was embarrassed to find that this new dynamic was starting to excite him, and was making him wet.

 Vinnie stepped closer to him and grabbed him by the shoulders, spinning him around and pulling him, back-first, into a coercive embrace, one hand gripping his soft, skinny upper-left arm like a vice... the other... softly, yet threateningly... at his slender throat. Frank swallowed hard as the last trace of his Adam’s Apple faded away beneath Vinnie’s pressing thumb, and he could hear the sound of his own breathing rise in pitch. Frank could also feel the increasing hardness of Vinnie’s cock, pressing hotly against the crack of his ample, curvy derrier, implicitly promising deeper exploration in the very near future.

 In a last-ditch effort to bargain with his captors, Frank cried out for an extension, only to be taken aback by the breathy, baby-girl whine that delivered his plea... and Vinnie’s crushing response--

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