Friday, September 11, 2015


 "Now I've finally got you where I want you, Peter..." Sally purred, as her new, manly physique pressed heavily down on her girlish husband, completing its final stages of masculine development. She added, mischievously, "Amazing how fast the nanobots work, isn't it, dear?" --her formerly high, melodious voice slipping further down from a contralto... to a tenor... and finally to a medium baritone, as the words tumbled out.

 Fast, indeed... Peter knew this all too well, from the moments after they sampled the bottle of wine his lovely wife had poured. She had spiked the glasses, and he found himself starting to shrink, and his wife, to grow. Her look of gleeful enthusiasm, in the brief period when they were the same size, and about equally androgynous --and just after that, when she had crossed the gender line, gained an inch or so on him, and was appreciably more male than he-- was a look that would stick with Peter for the rest of his life.

 This impromptu dual-metamorphosis was surprising, but not entirely inexplicable... not now, at the beginning of the 22nd century. Consumer-ready home genetic re-sequencing, via nano-tech, was still pretty new, having been on the market for the past five years, but it was already safe, in most cases, and popular enough to seem almost commonplace. It was a boon toward treating a multitude of severe and/or life-threatening inherited conditions. Most people, though, used it simply for light enhancement of their regular, everyday selves. Gain or lose a few inches in height, a change in natural hair type and/or color, substantial weight loss for the morbidly obese, maybe add an extra trace racial component to your original mix --in fact, permanent genetic tans were one of the most popular uses by the more fair-skinned subset of the global population. Skin-lightening was the rage with some others. The term, "bottled blonde", along a few other old colloquialisms based on hair dyes and other temporary chemical treatments, had essentially lost their meaning. Some people even went to rather exotic, customized extremes, like mimicking some mild animal traits in their human genomes, such as adding an attractive pattern of leopard spots to unobtrusive areas of the skin, like a beautiful, DNA-based tattoo. Most people didn't opt for a full-on gender swap, however... not many straight married couples, anyway. The latter was also fully legal, but the unique genetic risks in trying to switch back, if the new gender was found to be unsatisfactory, kept many people from pulling that trigger in the first place.

 Amazingly enough, all of this was pretty easy, too. First you'd buy a starter set of nanos in static state. They were available pretty much everywhere, and cheap. Then you'd choose the specific app you wanted them to perform, from one of countless accredited online companies specializing in different treatments. A quick download of the selected app, which your 'home dispatcher' unit would then take and broadcast the nanobots' activation code and specific directives, via wifi. Upon entering your body system, usually by ingestion, your 'live' fleet of microscopic workers would then set to speedily work on you, multiplying as needed for the job at hand. There were many safeguards built into the system, as well, to prevent medical emergencies, mischief and criminal use, such as literal identity theft.

 Lying in bed, on his back, with his wife still on top of him, Peter gazed at his chest, and beyond, to regard the slender grace of his own feminizing body, with its pronounced curves arcing sensually inward and outward, now reaching the end of its own transformative journey. It was so much smaller and more delicate, especially from his point-of-view, than he was used to. All the excess biomass he had lost in his reduction had been seamlessly transferred, by nanobot, to help build up Sally's larger male frame... it wasn't passion alone that inspired Sally to french kiss him so often, as they were changing. His perky B-cup breasts, which were hard, toned male pectorals not fifteen minutes before, now swelled to a C-cup size, and quivered like twin mounds of gelatin, before finally settling down, and the last traces of appreciable biceps sank into the supple softness of his skinny arms. The higher pitch of his short breaths was disconcerting, and he swallowed hard, catching the hint of a soprano murmur at the end of it.

Sally looked down at him, at the new softness of her husband's pretty "little girl" face, surrounded by shoulder length auburn hair, and smiled. "Mmmmm... gotta love modern technology. You have no idea how satisfying it is to be able to seriously pin you down like this, Peter, and be the one who penetrates, with something I can sexually feel, rather than play-acting with some strap-on dildo, after a lifetime of taking it in." she said, her lower voice resonating through the bedroom in a way that Peter's higher, softer tones no longer could, when speaking normally.

 Peter looked up at his wife, who was now a striking, dark-haired Adonis, a head taller than him, and physically bulkier, with a strong, hard body of muscle and sinew. He writhed helplessly under her weight, as she playfully fondled and squeezed his brand new boobs. The new size difference, the reversal of roles, combined with the attentions Sally was giving him, in places that were now far more sensitive than most of his old male body... all of this was seriously turning Peter on. He could feel himself growing wet, for the first time in his life.

 Signaling what was to come next, he felt her big right hand reach in-between his thighs to part his shapely legs --which he had kept tightly together, after his penis and scrotum had regressed and altered to become their vaginal counterparts, and she did so with ease. He could feel the thick head of her large new member, dangling bouncily from above, and warmly brushing up against his moistening cunt, ready to be guided and thrust deeply into him, from a variety of potential angles. Though he still loved her, Peter gazed, with fearful eyes, at this rugged, formidable man who was once, outwardly, his beautiful wife. She loomed over him, making him feel so vulnerable and submissive, lying spread-eagle on his back, ready to be fucked, Missionary-style. He finally had to speak up.

"But why, Sally? Why did you spring it on me, like this, without our discussing it first? I don't know if I'm ready for a life like this!" he pleaded. 

 Sally gave him a look of sympathy, kissed him softly, and spoke very supportively. "It's not bad being a girl, Peter, not at all... especially such a beautiful girl, as you are now, honey... you'll see. And what's more, you'll feel." she grinned. "There will be a lot for you to enjoy. But for me, baby, I needed more... much more. I guess it's the tomboy in me, that I never quite grew out of. " She gradually turned more serious in her explanation. "I'll be honest with you, Peter-- I never liked being small... being the "weaker sex". Oh sure, most careers have been open to gals like me, thank God, but I've also always craved size and physical strength, at a level beyond what intensive gym workouts or steroids could possibly provide for the average woman. And what's more, I've always wanted a working penis, and not the sterile kind with a hand-pump. If Nature wouldn't let me have all of that on my own, at least I could vicariously experience it through you, my love."

 This was a revelation to her husband. "Oh, Sally, baby... I really had no idea you felt like this. Not even a hint."

 "And then", she continued, "When I heard you talk in your sleep, countless nights in a row, about wanting to be female, I figured this was a gamble worth taking. I wouldn't have done this on a silly whim, you should know that. As if I even could."

 "But that's just a kinky fantasy I have... I honestly had no idea it had planted itself that deeply in me", Peter protested, "It's arousing, but I never felt like I ever had to act on it for real... and there was always the risk I'd lose you, if it ever did become more than just an idle sexy daydream."

 Sally remained firm. "Listen, Peter... I did need to act on it, for both our sakes. If you're repeatedly saying to yourself , 'how great it would be to become a beautiful woman', while deeply asleep, your desires are saying a lot more about who you really are than you're admitting to yourself."

 Peter reluctantly nodded. This had to be true. The very fact that he had transformed in the first place, that the nanobots were allowed to proceed, meant that Sally had used a simple brain scanner to do a diagnostic of his subconscious, while he was asleep. This was nothing special, every household had at least one scanner, which was about the size of a golf ball. A wave of one of those handy little gadgets, directly over the skull, can get to the root of a lot of deep-seated psychological issues, buried in the recesses of the inner mind. She would've done this repeatedly, over the course of weeks, to insure she got a 100% accurate reading of what she was looking for.  Under some circumstances --like his, apparently, such multiple readings, that showed similar data, were as good as an authorized signature, approving nano treatment. And under current law, since they were legally married, a subconscious affirmative for gender transformation, via this scanning method, was sufficient evidence to allow a spouse to go ahead with it, privately, in the manner he or she saw fit. The electronic paperwork concerning their change in gender identity and appearance, for all the official records, was undoubtedly already being processed. Legally speaking, within a couple of hours, it would be as though they had been born in their present forms.

 "I think we were always meant to be together, darling, but like this, where I'm the man and you're the woman", Sally said, pressing the point further. "Thank goodness we live in an era where such things are possible. Otherwise, I think these deep feelings we both have would have festered, and would ultimately have destroyed our marriage."

 Peter seriously pondered this. He never wanted to lose her. Sally was absolutely the best thing that ever happened to him. And facts were facts. She definitely wanted to be this way. She would've submitted a self-diagnostic scan to affirm this, or she wouldn't be male now. His own scan couldn't be argued with, even if his ego had put up a valiant front. These scans were like sessions with an unassailable lie detector. And while her secret longing to have been born a man was something Peter never saw coming, upon reflection, he could understand why she took a sneaky route to get them both to where they were now. Sally liked excitement, and surprises, and always had. Peter did, too. That's one of the big reasons they fell for each other, in the first place. This was her way of  throwing the biggest, sexiest surprise of their lives, one that could never be topped. And she had succeeded.

 He turned his head to kiss Sally's arm, and finally nodded in agreement. "I'm fine with this, honey, since this is what you've wanted. And, I guess, it's what I've wanted, too, without fully realizing it, until now. I love you so much, Sally, and I'm sure we can do just as well as before, even with our sexes flipped."

 Sally then lightly pressed her forehead against his, and smiled. "I agree. We're inseparable. Let me make one thing perfectly clear, though, my darling..." She took a moment to caress Peter's silky-soft cheek with her free hand. "From now on, at least as far as things here in the bedroom are concerned, I'm the boss. You are now too small, soft and submissive to be anything other than the Bottom in this relationship. And more than anything in this world, I want to dominate you, and I will take you whenever and however I wish. I think I've earned this, considering how things had been with us in bed before, when you were in this role."

 Peter let out a soft gasp, and gulped, while nodding again. It was all a little scary, but he felt that, ultimately, he was really going to like this arrangement. Anyway, he was going to have to learn to like it, as there was clearly no turning back. After all, unlike the more common uses of the technology, this particular type of comprehensive, extreme transformation by nanobot, though miraculous, was always highly risky beyond the initial changeover, for a host of complicated reasons. Any attempts to transition back, if even permitted, could possibly kill either, or both of them. Efforts were constantly being made to conquer this problem, but to date, very little progress had been made.

 So, unless the process was ever ultimately improved upon, to the degree that multiple, back-and-forth genetic sex changes were entirely safe, this was it. He was "Peta" now, the pretty little supportive wife of a big, handsome, dynamic man. He --now she-- sexily bit her luscious lower lip, and threw her head back against the pillow, as Sally --now "Saul", her loving husband, entered his wife's pussy for the first time, gently brushing against her sensitive clit, then gradually accelerating his drive, pounding her harder and harder as she picked up the rhythm and counter-thrusted against his plunging cock. He paused for a moment, to flip her over, helping her tuck a pillow under her belly for support, then began to vigorously take his wife from behind, occasionally giving her ample bottom a sharp slap, which she appreciated. Peta gripped the bed sheets tightly in her little hands... while Saul grunted, banging her mercilessly, bringing her closer and closer to the brink of cumming and blowing his hot, first-ever load into her. Peta gasped and moaned and cried out his name like a porn actress... except she wasn't acting.


  1. "You are now too small, soft and submissive to be anything other than the Bottom in this relationship"... God yes! I would have loved to have seen this new more submissive side of Peta. Maybe Saul gave her an order her body was just quick to obey, her body sending her pleasure when she did, submitting completely to her new womanly urges...

  2. That's an interesting idea. I do like it when the newly-female body has some ideas of its own, in terms of reactions to stimuli... or when slight mental changes occur, that are at odds with what the former man wants or expects, based on his male experience. Of course, Peta's former dominance in the bedroom was only really alluded to, and since these pieces are fairly short, I tend to like to leave it to the reader's imagination as to how it will ultimately play out, after the transformation and initial sex act (or the imminent prospect of such). However, perhaps I'll expand/extend the ending to this a little, sometime in the future, when I have some extra free time and some inspiration... or explore that aspect in another piece, at some point.

    Thanks for reading, and taking the time to thoughtfully comment. I write these mainly for myself, customized to include my own personal turn-ons, obsessions and ideas that I sometimes only get piece-meal in others' work that I see (since every author/creator has their own set of such things), but I do appreciate it when I find that others are getting some enjoyment out of them, too.