Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Minor Muddle at the Drastic Surgery Center

Dialogue from the balloons--

The Head Nurse:

"Incredible! What was, mere moments ago, a strapping "Man's man" at six-foot-two... now is a petite, girlish beauty!"

"This is well beyond our pre-treatment projections!"

Woman (in background) behind the head nurse:

''Isn't he adorable, Al? I'll have to lend him one of my party dresses --he looks to be pretty darn close to my size, now!"

"Anyway, "he's" going to need something to wear... --that will still fit him! *Giggle*"

Man (in background, behind the nurses):

"*Gulp* Y-yeah, Sally, I guess so..."

(Thinking to himself) "Wow... to think that guy was at least as male as I am... and just five minutes later, he's a perfect playground for my penis! I'll have to see to it that I'm his very first fuck as a chick!"

The skinny Assistant Nurse:

"Why, he looks more feminine than the four of us natural girls put together!"

The fat Assistant Nurse:

"Yes! And I personally think it sets a dangerous precedent!"

The (formerly male) Girl in the tube:

"Ughn... what...? Where am I?"

"Oh, that's right... I'm here to get a big mole removed..."

"But why are they talking about me like that?"

"Why do I suddenly feel so strange?"

"--And why am I thinking in a girl's voice??"

The Male Doctor (in foreground, working the equipment):

"Just a little more... a few final tweaks..."

"The breasts a little bit larger..."

"The waist a tad more svelte..."

"The neck a degree or two more slender..."

"And, lastly, to set and activate your fertility... ah, there we are... DONE!"

"Yes, I think we can safely say that we have been 100% successful in getting all of your "big male" removed, Mr. Bent-- oh, I'm sorry... that would be Miss Benton, now!"

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